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introducing myself to your husband


introducing myself to your husband

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so any plans for what you guys are gonna do the day before divergent comes out other than just 


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you can kock on my door anytime

mr.Abbott youll grow up to be a man one day

yes please

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me: I am Demoralized and overcome by adversity.
I watch the days pass from my bedside
I struggle
My arms weak and shaking
To support the weight of my tired body as I
Get up out of my pillow topped haven
It comes
To trip me softly
And brush my lips
With blistering adversity
it takes my fragile strength
and lays me back down gently
My depression
him: it brushes your lips...that line..what does it mean?
me: it brushes my lips....
it touches me. all over.
like a lover, that left you mounths ago. waking by your bedside. every brush of their finger tips feels like a welling mass of pain on your skin. and your tired, too tired to tell them to stop. every breathe you draw in feels like your lungs are going to colapse, like your breathing water, and you think every breathe you take will be your last, but its not. and you want to stop hurting, but you cant stop letting them touch you.
thats what my depression is like
it brushes my lips